Staged Interiors


Staged Interiors peers inside the private rooms of online peep shows. Captured through the internet, these are momentary snapshots inside the real-time world of the female webcam model. Known as “camgirls”, they exhibit online sex shows broadcast live through the aid of the internet. These images are focused on their absence from scene. Through their temporarily deserted interiors, the spaces are stages of both imminence and expectation, public and private, positioning the viewer in the role of the modern day ‘peeping tom’. 

In this series we see a shift from the traditional role of the photographer. The camera has been exchanged for a portable computer, the screen acts as a viewfinder while the keyboard controls simulate a shutter release. Visually, the low-resolution images are displayed large scale, beyond their photorealistic resolution. Here, the role of the pixel has replaced the grain of photographic film. By embracing the pixel, the images force us to contemplate on both a visual and aesthetic level the basic condition of the electronic image. 

We are living in a post-privacy time. A period where the world in a sense hinges on meeting strangers. Not only can we interact with them anonymously, we can pay, confide, photograph and fulfil our most intimate desires without leaving the comfort of our own home. In turn, the worker can come and go as they please. 

Accessing our pleasures through the click of a button are all but one part of the social schemes of today - a time that has long since undergone a structural transformation of the public terrain. A transformation that allows us to enter other people’s homes anonymously. This represents a break from the traditional formulation of the adult industry, and present us with a different kind of intimacy: one beyond the flesh. It is possibly photography’s voyeuristic nature that further brings a marriage between the role of performer and voyeur; between those who see and those who want to be seen.

edition of 5 + 2AP

18.5 x 14 cm + 24.5 x 14 cm (widescreen)

Pigment Print